"The absolute smartest move to make before listing your house in 2021"

hear from interested Buyers Before you even list the house (It's simple & Amazing).
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Its All Online and easy

Easily find out your home price before you list from verified interested buyers.


We know you are going through a pandemic. Skip the photography, and massive house cleaning.

send drempo smartphone pictures, and We market your property as  “coming soon”. you get to see if anyone is interested!

Don’t Settle For Less

Do not fall for these cash now offers from Zillow just because you are in a hurry.  You deserve the best offer for your home.

We know that having your house prepared for home listing is particularly challenging right now, during the pandemic.  But this is not a reason to skip selling your house to people who will pay you the entire value.  This service will tell you much more about the demand for your property than a swift cheap offer can.

Could this save you serious time and money?

most people just list the house for sale, only to find out what they need to fix, and then list it again.  What a waste of your time and effort.


What We Can Do For You

When you look at how to sell a house online, you get really inconvenient ideas.  Open house? Tell your friends?  Put in on facebook?  How likely are these to grab you actual information about who would give you the right offer for your property?  The solution?  We actively market your coming soon property by creating a homepage about it, with SEO, and then we advertise your coming soon property.  Best part? You do not actually list your property as active for showings unless and until you want to. No commitement, just information.

Put your toe in the water before you list the house

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to sell your home?  Here is the way to find out.

Zillow and OpenDoor are not giving you a fair offer.

You will take a haircut trying to sell your house for cash in a hurry.  

Why not try this for a month?

How could it hurt to try Drempo out.  Even if you are not selling your property, it helps you know how liquid your land or house really are.

What if no one has any interest in your property?

This will tell you that you need to work harder to show off what assets are there with proper presentation and pictures.  Talk to our experts, we can sell it, if you get stuck.

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From Our Founder

Sell your house at your own leisure or speed.  We call that the Drempo Tempo.

Often, as soon as you list your house, you are stuck having to keep it perfectly clean!  This is impossible for parents.  Instead, find out about the true market for your house with a Drempo Coming Soon Marketing Page.  We do all the work for you.